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Confidant Clinically TestedDo I need to check with my health care professional before using Confidant products?

You can be confident that our products have been clinically tested by a team of health professionals including Gyneacologists prior to it being made available to you. We are a recognised supplier of continence products by the Continence Foundation of Australia. Our products are registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration(1).

As a result you don’t need to consult your health practitioner to use products sold by Confidant. It is only necessary if you are leaking urine constantly, have had any form of bladder surgery or suffer from a previously diagnosed condition affecting the bladder. If you have suffered a prolapse our products help the prevention of stress induced incontinence. If you experience any irritation or vaginal discharge during use, remove the device and contact your health care professional.

If you have any doubts we would encourage you to speak with your health practitioner about your use of Confidant products. We also encourage women to seek further assistance with their Women’s Health Physiotherapist or other health professionals to ensure you have maximised improvement to your pelvic floor and avoid more invasive therapies.

Are Confidant products safe to use?

Confidant is made from flexible medical grade rubber. It is made from a material which is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and has been thoroughly tested to ensure your safety.

Can I use a Confidant product with an IUD such as a Mirena?

This was a safety issue raised by Professor Kate Moore during her clinical studies. Confidant products are supplied with a removal ribbon. Many women don’t use the removal ribbon and simply remove it using their middle finger. Professor Moore felt that if the thread attached to the IUD wasn’t cut at the appropriate length, i.e. short, and the thread of the IUD insertion is too long – there might be a risk of the woman accidentally pulling out the IUD along with the pessary.

Whilst this was a very small risk, under the CE certification, all risks must be identified and an appropriate warning provided. If the ribbon is used to remove the device – there is little risk of dislodging the IUD. The IUD thread is normally cut to a short length, allowing it to coil around the cervix. Any longer and it would be uncomfortable for you and your partner during sex.

However if there’s any doubt about the length of your IUD thread, confirmation should be sought from your treating health professional.

The folded Confidant is reduced in size for easy insertion

The folded Confidant is reduced in size for easy insertion

It looks too big to insert?

Remember when you first went to use a tampon as a teenager. The nervousness and the practice to get it right. Using our products is not dissimilar to the first time you use a tampon. Don’t forget your vagina is a stretchy muscle and these products are designed so you can fold it to a much smaller size for insertion.

Can a Confidant product slip out when I go to the toilet?
Can I even go to the toilet when using it?

It will stay in place when you go to the toilet just like a tampon does. However if you have a bowel movement this may place pressure on the device and move it, if this is the case simply wash it and re insert.

Yes, you can go to the toilet whilst using it!

Now I use a Confidant device do I still need to do my pelvic floor exercises?

Absolutely! We would encourage all women to continue with good pelvic floor practices and not stop doing those exercises. We also encourage women to seek further assistance with their Women’s Health Physiotherapist or other health professionals to ensure you have maximised improvement to your pelvic floor to help avoid more invasive therapies.

I suffer from moderate to severe incontinence will it stop this for me?

Clinical testing has shown that Confidant products provide a significant reduction of leakage in those women who suffer moderate to severe incontinence(2).

Can Confidant be difficult to remove?

We encourage all users to use the silicon ribbon to remove their device, even if you prefer to hook the ring with your finger for removal. On a very rare occasion the device may create a vacuum on the vagina wall making it difficult to remove.  In the unlikely event this occurs for you, simply  release the seal by inserting your finger into your vagina and depressing the ring, it will then come out.

When can’t you use a Confidant product?

  • If you are wearing a tampon.
  • Within 6 weeks after giving birth.
  • You have a significant pelvic organ prolapse.
  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you have a vaginal infection.
  • If you have cystitis.

If you have any doubts please consult your doctor.

Who won’t benefit from Confidant products?

  • If you can not retain a tampon.
  • Your leakage is caused by Frequency or Urgency Incontinence. There is no cure for this form of LBL.
    Confidant products may buy you a little bit of time to get to the toilet, however this has not been clinically tested and can not be guaranteed.
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