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Watch the following on how Confidant is worn

then scroll down for step by step instructions

Step by Step Guide for use

Using Confidant is not dissimilar to when you first started using tampons or a diaphragm

Step 1.

First, empty your bladder and wash your hands.

Step 2.

Remove Confidant from the packaging, wash with warm water and unperfumed soap and rinse well before the first and subsequent uses. To insert, moisten Confidant with water to help make insertion easier. You may use a small amount of lubricant to insert but not too much as it will make it slippery and difficult to stay in place.

Step 3.

The Confidant removal ribbon has been designed for those who may have some difficulty removing the unit. The ribbon acts the same way as a tampon string allowing for easy removal. The diagram shows how the ribbon is to be fitted to the unit.

Step 4.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position. You could try some of the following positions to find one that suits you:
Relax by taking a few deep breaths.

  • Try sitting on the toilet with your legs apart
  • Standing with one leg raised on a stool or a chair
  • Squatting
  • Laying down with your knees bent and legs apart.
Step 5.

To make Confidant easier to insert, compress the central ring with your fore finger and at the same time squeeze the sides of the ring as shown. It may take a little practice to do this easily and quickly.

Step 6.

Once Confidant is correctly positioned in your hand, gently insert it inwards and up towards the back of your vagina until you can no longer feel the ring of the Confidant against your vaginal opening.

Step 7.

Confidant should now be securely in places as shown. You should not be able to feel it but if it is uncomfortable, or you can feel it move take it out rinse and try again.

Step 8.

Insert your forefinger into your vagina and through the Confidant ring until it hooks around the top of the ring. Slowly pull Confidant forward and out of the vagina or use the removal ribbon supplied in the package. The Vagina is designed to stretch so the Confidant will easily come out.

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