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Confidant can stop bladder leakage

Confidant can stop bladder leakage

How to choose the right size

Confidant products have been specifically designed in 3 different sizes to suit your individual needs. Clinically tested, they are proven to prevent Light Bladder Leakage for stress induced incontinence for the majority of women and significantly reduce it for other users.

Testing(1) has shown that the majority of women (75%) find that a Size 2 Confidant product provides enough support to prevent Light Bladder Leakage (LBL).

However, some women may find that a Size 1 Confidant product is better (10%) as they find the Size 2 is uncomfortable or there has been a shortening of the vagina due to surgery.

If you find that a Size 2 does not prevent your LBL, or perhaps you have had multiple births or are physically larger, then a Size 3 Confidant (15%) may be more suitable.

How do I choose the right sized Confidant product for me?

Womens’ bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and the extent of support you need to stop your bladder leakage depends on these issues. It is very difficult to say exactly what size you need to help you decide which size is right, Confidant products are available in a New User Pack at a significantly discounted price. We would encourage you to purchase a New User Pack which contains all 3 sizes, so you can ensure you get the right fit and the maximum support you need.

Alternatively if you know your size you can order a single unit.

It looks too large to insert?

The folded Confidant is reduced in size for easy insertion

The folded Confidant is reduced in size for easy insertion

Remember when you were a teenager and the first time you used a tampon, and thought “How am I going to do that?“. Confidant products are designed with a split in the underside of the supportive ring. The combination of this unique design and the flexible medical grade rubber means that it is easily folded to a much smaller size for insertion into your vagina.

To see how easy Confidant is to fold see this clip HERE


(1) Reference – Journal of International Urogynecology (2008) vol 19 pg 757-761