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Regain your Confidence by Stopping Light Bladder Leakage

Regain your Confidence by Stopping Light Bladder LeakageClinical Research into incontinence has identified a significant impact on a woman’s self esteem and general well-being. We here a Confidant believe that every woman deserves better and are committed to helping you regain your confidence by not having to worry about light bladder leakage (LBL).

Pads might collect the leaks, but you still continue to suffer from incontinence. With Confidant products and good pelvic floor practice the leaks wont even occur!

Have you ever wanted to try something new? Perhaps set a goal for the new year, start walking, join a netball team, compete in a triathlon, join a Crossfit box, or simply play soccer with the kids, and then decided that you couldn’t because of your little wee problem?

At Confidant we have spoken to many women who can’t fully participate in life due to their struggle with LBL.

We know of women who have to change their clothes halfway through a basketball game due to the extent of their LBL. Have you ever seen the Crossfit “do you pee during workout” videos on YouTube? Here are these incredibly fit women who literally end up in a puddle throughout their competitions due to Stress Induced Urinary Incontinence (and they are not alone). We find this devastating and believe that women should not have to tolerate the symptoms of pelvic floor weakness when there is a simple and affordable solution.

Start fully participating in life againConfidant products afford you the freedom to get on with living and start achieving your goals right away.

Confidant stops the symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor if you want to address the underlying causes we highly recommend seeing a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

It’s a dreadful feeling when you leak urine. The sense of fear and panic that others around you might notice, and just that general feeling of being dirty. Confidant products will, when fitted properly, stop LBL for the majority of women and for those who it doesn’t stop completely, because they have significantly weakened pelvic floor muscles, it will significantly reduce the problem(1).

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(1) Reference – Journal of International Urogynecology (2008) vol 19 pg 757-761