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Helps prevent light bladder leakage and support weak pelvic floor muscles.

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All Confidant products are Australian owned, designed and manufactured. Gynaecologicaly tested and registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

They are shaped like a hollow tampon and made from a flexible rubber polymer it can be inserted and removed in similar way to a conventional tampon. Confidant products do not require intrusive medical examinations by a Gynaecologist or General Practitioner, unlike other pelvic floor support solutions.

Confidant products are reusable and can be worn all day and removed at night for cleaning, or during times when you might suffer light bladder leakage. When used this way, a single Confidant product can last up to 4 months or more.

Confidant products have been specifically designed in 3 different sizes to suit your individual needs. Clinically tested, they are proven to prevent Light Bladder Leakage for stress induced incontinence for the majority of women and significantly reduce it for other users.

Testing has shown that the majority of women (75%) find that a Size 2 Confidant product provides enough support to prevent Light Bladder Leakage (LBL).

However, some women may find that a Size 1 Confidant product is better (10%) as they find the Size 2 is uncomfortable, or there has been a shortening of the vagina due to surgery.

If you find that a Size 2 does not prevent your LBL or perhaps you have had multiple births or are physically larger, then a Size 3 Confidant (15%) maybe more suitable.

If you are not sure what size if right for you, Confidant products are available in a New User Pack at a significantly discounted price. We would encourage you to purchase a New User Pack with all 3 sizes so you can ensure you get the right fit and the maximum support you need.

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