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Revolutionary Feminine Hygiene Products for Women

Confidant’s innovative incontinence products for women are easy to use and discreet. Our lightweight products make managing incontinence – whether frequent or infrequent – simple. Our incontinence products include revolutionary incontinence aids and devices to help you manage incontinence, relieve embarrassment and regain confidence. Helping you feel comfortable and fresh throughout the day!

Choose The Right Size Confidant

Confidant products have been specifically designed in 3 different sizes to suit your individual needs. Clinically tested, they are proven to prevent Light Bladder Leakage for stress induced incontinence for the majority of women and significantly reduce it for other users.

Testing(1) has shown that the majority of women (75%) find that a Size 2 Confidant product provides enough support to prevent Light Bladder Leakage (LBL).

For more detail on how to choose the right size, visit our sizing guide.