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My StoryLight Bladder Leakage

Mine started whilst out for dinner with a group of school mums. It was one of those fun nights out where you got together to eat great food, have a wine (or possibly two) and enjoy the freedom of a night out with friends. During the night one of the mums started to talk about an ‘issue’ she was having with running. My ears pricked up as I had been on my own silent journey working with a women’s health physiotherapist trying to resolve my light bladder leakage. I was having success through dedicated pelvic floor training and using this amazing little device that my physio recommended. Now I could train whenever I wanted and without the leaks.

Light Bladder LeakageLight bladder leakage had knocked my confidence. I thought I would have to stop the sports that I loved (Crossfit and running). If it wasn’t for Confidant I would have stopped exercising, as I could not tolerate the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor.

Remembering the first time my Physiotherapist suggested I use Confidant I thought she was mad! But over time I got my head around the idea and since using it I have never looked back. It was life changing! Confidant gave me the confidence and freedom to continue to do the things that I love without leaks and without damaging my pelvic floor. Overtime I have found my pelvic floor has gotten stronger and I don’t need it as often as I used too.

Light Bladder Leakage

2017 Crossfit Open I finished 5th in Victoria in my category – It wouldn’t have happened without Confidant

Furthermore, I found out that a whopping 47% of women who exercise leak too. I had a solution, a great solution! I decided to start Confidant so other women could enjoy the same benefits I have had.

Our Mission

The Confidant mission is to provide as many women as possible with the same benefits I have had from this incredible product. Women deserve better than to pad the problem. You deserve the opportunity to use a gynaecologically tested product that is proven to stop leaks caused by stress incontinence.
I have received so much positive feedback and see so many women enjoy the beauty and freedom that Confidant gives.

Now it’s your turn! Are you ready to get back to doing the things you love? With Confidant you can and you will.


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