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About Confidant

You can be confident that Confidant will stop stress induced urinary incontinence for the majority of women. It provides effective support to your pelvic floor muscles so you can get back in control and stop your bladder leakage. It is safe, reliable and made from a medical grade rubber. It is inserted like a tampon and supports your pelvic floor muscles so you can stop your Light Bladder Leakage (LBL).Confidant's a logical choice for me

Confidant is for women of all ages who want to enjoy an active and healthy life style, without the stress or fear of suffering urinary incontinence. It also means you wont have to pad the problem or perhaps avoid undergoing surgical treatment. With a clever design and flexibility, Confidant returns the body’s anatomy back to normal while in use.

Is it an expensive solution for bladder control?

Confidant is about stopping the problem and not managing the symptoms of bladder leakage. It is an affordable solution from just $49.95 a unit which can last up to 4 months. Its a cheaper and better alternative compared to incontinence pads which are bulky, smelly and costly, with women spending an average of $500.00 a year on the products.

We are a recognised provider of continence products by the Continence Foundation of AustraliaOur products are gynaecologically tested and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Confidant is recommended by women’s health professionals and physiotherapists.

Confidant products are reusable and can be worn all day and cleaned at night. Or you may chose to wear it during times that you may suffer bladder leakage such as exercising. You can expect your Confidant to last between four and six months when used this way.

Confidant products are Australian owned and come in three sizes. They can be discreetly purchased online without the need for a medical examination.

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