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Discover peace of mind with Confidant’s revolutionary feminine incontinence products

Incontinence products - Confidant

Confidant is a revolutionary new incontinence product designed for women, by women. Confidant is all about helping women of all ages enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, worry-free and unencumbered.

Offering the best modern protection against light bladder leakage and stress induced urinary incontinence, Confidant will keep you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.

Easy-to-use, safe and made of lightweight polymer, the product is very simple to insert like a tampon. Boasting a clever and flexible design, Confidant allows the body to do its thing naturally, making it a safe and affordable choice for women everywhere.

Stop bladder leaks with incontinence products

A folded Confidant is not much bigger than your tampon

Confidant is all about stopping the problem, not managing the symptoms. Priced at just $49.95 a unit, the product is a cost-effective alternative to incontinence pads, which roughly cost the average Australian woman over $500.00 a year.

Best of all, a Confidant product is reusable and can be worn all day and cleaned at night. When used for sport or physical activity, a Confidant product will last between four and six months, making it the most versatile, long-lasting and affordable of all urinary incontinence products.

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Confidant originated as a simple idea to help women feel confident and ready to tackle a busy day. Passionate about helping everyday women achieve a better quality of life, the creator and owner of Confidant is a busy Australian Mum who suffers from occasional light bladder leakage (LBL).

After researching incontinence products and finding the lack of a simple, affordable solution to suit all women, she introduced her new
incontinence product
Confidant to the market.

Confidant products are Australian owned and trademarked. Our incontinence products come in three sizes. They can be discreetly purchased online without the need for a medical examination.

It’s time to stop “padding” the problem and stay dry with Confidant.

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Stop bladder leaks with Confidant incontinence products.
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by Kerry Irwin on Confidant

This product has changed my life!! I have had multiple surgery to improve the stress incontinence I developed after the birth of my second daughter 20 years ago. I was skepitcal of the product due to nothing to date was able to allow me to run without wearing an incontinence pad! I was always embarrassed and unable to tackle triathlons because I was frightened to run of the bike. I do not have LBL I have Heavy bladder leakage with only 23% bladder function I was sure this product would not be able to help me. Anyway I ordered the product with nothing to loose and have been using it for a week now, only when I train. Initially I was still wearing a pad and was pleasantly surprised when I went to the toilet after training to find the pad dry!!! Every time DRY!! I now do not wear a pad at all and can't believe how my confidence how increased in one week!! This is how normal women feel when they run!! I can not explain how awesome I feel! I wish I knew about this earlier, it does not fix my problem but it allows me freedom to do what I want especially in the way of exercise. Thank you!!

by MZA on Confidant

It was hard to admit that I had a problem at my age, and given that I have no children Yet, but after a friendly chat with Aasha about the possible causes, and the prevalence of this issue among women just like me, I felt comforted and reassured. Since using Confidant my self-esteem has risen and I am no longer anxious heading to the gym on a daily basis knowing that many times during the circuit I will have to do box jumps, jumping lunges and skipping. It's like a weight has lifted off of me and I am unstoppable! Thank you so much not just for the product, but for your advice, genuine compassion and kindness!

by Marg on Confidant

The most comfortable way to manage a nuisance problem!Quick and easy once you get used to using it!

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