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Discover peace of mind with Confidant’s revolutionary feminine incontinence products

Confidant is a revolutionary new incontinence product designed for women, by women. Confidant is all about helping women of all ages enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, worry-free and unencumbered by pads.

Offering the best modern protection against light bladder leakage and stress induced urinary incontinence, Confidant will keep you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. Enjoy the activities you love without a second thought for bladder leaks. Walking, running, hiking, yoga, weightlifting, team sports and even everyday sneezing and laughing are available to you, leak-free, with Confidant.

Easy-to-use, safe and made of lightweight polymer, the product is very simple to insert like a tampon. Boasting a clever and flexible design, Confidant allows the body to do its thing naturally, making it a safe and affordable choice for women everywhere.

Stop bladder leaks with Confidant incontinence products

A folded Confidant is not much bigger than your tampon

With Confidant you can stop the problem, not just manage the symptoms. Lasting for four months, Confidant is an economical and safe alternative to incontinence pads, which can cost over $500 per year.

Best of all, a Confidant product is reusable and can be worn all day and cleaned at night. When used for sport or physical activity, a Confidant product will last between four and six months, making it the most versatile, long-lasting and affordable of all urinary incontinence products.

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Stop bladder leaks with Confidant incontinence products.
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